Additional bed

In our studios and apartments is room for an additional baby bed (free), suited for kids up to three years old. In all apartments and most of the studios there is also room for an additional normal sized bed. Both options need to be requested up ahead and Oranjestaete will check the possibilities for this.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

All studios and apartments have a fully equipped kitchen. At a 100 meters distance from the apparthotel, there is a large supermarket located. However, if you would like to receive breakfast at your room, you can also use our breakfast service.

Shuttle Service

Upon your departure, you will be taken to Central Station Nijmegen after breakfast. When you arrive, you will be picked up here and dropped off at the doorstep of Apparthotel Oranjestaete. Please keep in mind though, that the shuttle Service needs to be ordered at least 24 hours upon arrival or departure.


Apparthotel Oranjestaete offers private parking space on its own terrain, against a price of €12.50 a day. We can offer you a special prize with a longer than a week stay, same as for the rooms. For more information, please contact us via or + 31 (0) 24 845 20 09. Due to limited parking space, we recommend to reserve timely. For reservations, always contact us through phone.

(Electrical) Bikes

For your benefits, we offer free bicycles for your use. We also lease electrical bicycles. Due to a limited number of bikes, it is wise to make your reservation on time. Prices for the electrical bikes are on request.


We separate Short-stay and Long-stay housekeeping. With Short-stay (shorter than a week), we will clean the accommodation daily and beds will be made every day. With Long-stay (longer than a week), we will clean the accommodation thoroughly every week and beds will be made daily.


All studios and apartments are provided with free Wi-Fi.