Cozy, warm and with lots of personal attention. Apparthotel Oranjestaete is a place like home. Maybe even a little bit nicer. Located at the edge of city center Nijmegen, owners John and Olle will do everything in their power to offer their guests a pleasand stay by doing more than is normally required. Apparthotel Oranjestaete is situated in a characteristic mansion at the edge of the city center. A place where the word “must” doesn’t exist, which is an important objective of the owners. Extremely service oriented, that is what John and Olle want to be every day. It starts with a cup of coffee or thee at arrival, walking to your rooms while carrying your luggage and arrived at your door you will get an explanation on how everything works. They can even personally set the Wi-Fi for each of your devices. With a good price-quality ratio, Apparthotel Oranjestaete focusses on both corporate as private customers. They Focus on both short and long stay. It isn’t surprising, since the owners just “want to make it nice for everyone”. And they succeed in their mission because of their personal approach, as of the excellent facilities. Apparthotel Oranjestaete lies a walking distance from all stores, cafés and restaurants and museums within the center of Nijmegen. It offers sufficient parking space and free bicycles. Most studios and apartments have their own balcony or terrace. At Apparthotel Oranjestaete you can relax in an historical city.